3 Cycling Holidays For All The Family


China is a country seeping rich history and cultures, where ancient temples and castles still remind you of an era long gone and a place where you will find bustling metropolis and rural villages with farmers working in lush paddy fields. There are numerous routes to follow and experience a different side of China on each of the routes.


The Great Wall by topgold-(Creative Commons)

If you are interested in history, then you can start over from Beijing through Xian to Nanjing where you will see amazing temples, medieval town and stunning gardens.  Yunnan province is popular with bikers where you can cycle through ethnic villages and picturesque gorges and valleys. With endless destinations for cycling, holidays to China are bound to be exciting for the whole family.


France is a country teeming with great landscapes and fun places for the whole family to enjoy cycling holidays. There are many routes that a family can tackle and many regions to explore: meandering through vineyards, riding along a coastline, exploring manor houses and dreamy residences. The Loire Valley is a lush place to begin, covered in vineyards and dotted with castles and manor houses.

Burgundy is an area brimming with fun things to do with the kids including sleeping in a tree house or being part of a gypsy caravan, visiting animal parks, swinging through the trees in an adventure park and swimming in lakes. You will not have to worry about the lost energy as this is the place where you can have it all and more as you experience the fine culinary delights in this wine region of France.

Canoing in Dordogne by Jebulon (creative commons)

Canoeing in Dordogne by Jebulon (creative commons)

Dordogne is a region boasting of Europe’s most beautiful valleys where you can discover great castles, fortified towns and lovely villages. The Atlantic coastline is also a fine place for a family cycling holiday in France with gentle terrain and spectacular coastal views.


Imagine riding along with your family through incredible Berber villages, nomadic camps in the desert, high up the Atlas Ranges, Kasbahs and cool oases in the Draa valley. Such is the variety of exciting cycling experiences that you can expect to find on family holidays to Morocco. It is a place where adventure and family fun become an exhilarating reality and it is only a few hours from Europe.

The tourism industry is well developed in Morocco and you would not have to worry about places to spend the night along the way. You will find an extensive network of campground and budget hotels along with restored riads and five star luxury accommodation in the cities. At the same time it is also allowed to wild camp in the rural areas, perched away between mountains, under a palm tree along the beach or besides nomads in the wild desert. The Berber tradition of hospitality towards travelers reigns in Morocco and do not be surprised if you are invited to a family home to share a meal. Top destinations for families include Marrakech and Fes, the desert around Zagora or Merzouga and the seaside town of Essaouira.

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