Welcome to Cycling Nomad!

My name is Shawn, I departed America during 2007 to travel the world for an extended amount of time – I traveled for 4 years. Near my 4 year anniversary traveling with a backpack I found myself at a crossroad in the spring of 2011. I didn’t want to continue this style of travel with a backpack, taking buses and trains, and staying hotels or hostels. Since departing the United States in 2007 my life changed drastically. I retuned to my home town of Minneapolis and bought all the cycling gear I needed. I was tired, desired to get to know my 5 year old nephew, and decided to stay winter in Minneapolis, the first winter in 18 years.

Currently it is the spring and this stationary American lifestyle conflicts with my inner disposition. I will be heading out as a cycling nomad in June of 2012.

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