Amazing mountain biking in North America

There’s nothing like getting some fresh air and hitting the rugged mountain terrain on your bike. While Canada boasts great mountains with picturesque views and endless adventure.

There are several bike trails throughout the country that cater to all levels and interests, but the North Shore region of British Columbia is a mountain biker’s haven.


The Whistler Blackcomb resort is great for all outdoor sports, especially mountain biking. Whether you’re a novice, an intermediate, an expert XC/AM, an expert DH/FR or a dirt jumper enthusiast, the two mountains – which converge at Whistler Village, have it all. If you’re a true rider and outdoor enthusiast.

The newly opened “Top of the World” single-track trail provides an inspiring and scenic journey through the Coast Range in Whistler Mountain Bike Park. This route is alpine riding at its best. While all style of riders can navigate it, it is best suited for those who are at an advanced level.

“A River Runs Through It” is Whistler’s signature trail – with its log pyramids, gnarly turns and difficult river crossing. “Comfortably Numb” is the area’s longest and most difficult single track that is only for the most technically advanced riders.


This volcanic valley in the Kootenay Rockies region is often referred to as “the mountain biking capital of Canada.” The area has numerous trails that fit all skill levels, with the most classic single lines being the Dewdney and Whisky. For some extra riding or a more unique route, try combining a few of the shorter lines to make a complete circuit.

The Seven Summit trail is an epic trip that takes riders along 36km (combined with Dewdney) of seven alpine peaks with steep climbs and thrilling descents. It was even named the “Trail of the Year” by Bike Magazine in 2007. While the single track is free of stunts and jumps it can be technically and physically challenging and is not suited for beginners. The most experienced riders can complete it in three hours or less, while the average rider can finish within six to eight hours.


Although small and not as advertised as Whistler, this town is perfect for bikers looking for adventure and seclusion. Aside from the trails, the small-town community charm is what brings riders to this destination. The “Short n Curly” trail is bi-directional and for intermediate riders. For a steeper, more advanced trail, check out the “Off Broadway”


While this mountain has exciting trails and amazing views, it is not as challenging or extreme as some of the other regions. So, it’s perfect for beginners and intermediates. McDougall Rim is the most difficult of the path and is considered one of the best. The entire single-track loop is 50km and transverses through Mount Hayman.

There are so many winding paths, steep inclines, hairy turns and amazing views throughout the mountains of British Columbia. If this mecca for mountain biking doesn’t inspire you, then you’re not a true rider.

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