Cycling across Europe

The ultimate thrill-seeking enthusiast eager to experience all of the cycle networks – particularly in cycle-friendly Western Europe – in the region, perhaps the EuroVelo is for you. Spanning a whopping 70,000 km across the entire continent, the count currently stands at 14 high-quality cycling routes compiled by the European Cyclists’ Federation for both long-distance cycle tourists and local people on daily journeys.

With optimal road conditions and a long vista of tarred and paved routes ahead of you, a hardy yet flexible and lightweight bike like this cube bike would be perfect for your cycling trip across the EuroVelo network. One thing you cannot be sure of is the weather, and a sturdy road bike that can adapt easily to both wet and dry terrain is a godsend while being light enough for public transport carry is the ultimate adventure cyclist’s companion.

Iron Curtain Trail

Lauenburgische Seen Nature Park in Germany (Creative Commons)

Lauenburgische Seen Nature Park in Germany (Creative Commons)


The longest route of the EuroVelo at 10,400 km, the Iron Curtail trail takes you from the Barents Sea along the Norwegian-Russian and Finnish-Russian borders, to the northernmost point of Turkey by the Black Sea, passing by 20 nations on the way. Nevertheless, for all the energy the route may sap out of you, be prepared with any one of the premium Leisure Lakes Bikes, compact racing road bikes that can help you stick to the plan.

The trail will pass by several Eastern European countries such as Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, as well as Poland and the former East Germany. The ex German-German border will be an eye-opening experience in history, while the Bohemian Forest enthrals with its majestic highlands.

Later, you will see more romantic view, as you coast past the Danube by Vienna, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, and finally through picturesque Macedonia and Greece. With so many borders involved, you will be privy to many untouched natural forests and parks as well as historical monuments commemorating the division of Europe.

Capitals Route

Bristol to Bath railway path in the UK (Creative Commons)

Bristol to Bath railway path in the UK (Creative Commons)

The shorter 5,500-kilometre Capitals route is exactly that: taking you from London to Moscow for a cross-continent experience of its most iconic capitals.Kicking off at Galway then on through Dublin, Holyhead and Bristol, cyclists will finally arrive in London. Then it is on to Harwich, Rotterdam and The Hague. Next is Munster, Berlin,Poznań, Warsaw and finally Minsk and Moscow.

The Ireland and UK portion of the ride is extensive, and takes adventurers by Grand National parks, rolling hills, railway paths and the Thames Valley cycle route all the way to Capital. But you are ending the journey in the chilly Russian capital, so suit up for some massive weather changes, and take in architectural grandeur of Europe’s most amazing cities and some of its most ridden cycle routes.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a sturdy bike and take on the EuroVelo, where not only do you enjoy great road conditions and comfortable, scenic rides, the uniform signage and directions ensure you don’t get lost while crossing the Balkans or pass by the Rhine on your continental tour.





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    Looks so good and stunning places to ride. Australia has the distance but if you don’t have a death wish – you wouldn’t ride on most of it! A few thousand kilometres of featureless desert doesn’t sound like much fun:-)

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