Dubai’s cosmopolitan cuisine

Dubai Spice Souk

One of the most impressive cities in the world, Dubai is a strikingly modern destination and one of the most popular Arab Emirates that hosts more and more visitors each year. Moreover, this exciting place is home to a myriad of people from all over the world. Dubai is perfect for those who want to have a grasp of the oriental culture and feel the occidental influences at the same time. Along with its economical boom, Dubai has developed an immensely varied cuisine appropriate for all tastes and budgets.

A stunning state-city, Dubai has been radically transformed along the past decade and it is one of the most luxurious destinations for tourists around the globe. Being the city of either extremely rich people or awfully poor, Dubai hosts some remarkable Michelin Stars restaurants as well as some tremendously cheap ones. For afternoon high tea, then Aspen by Kempinski is an absolute must.

At the opposite pole,  Al Dhiyafah Road hosts the cheapest restaurants in the city. Here you can find numerous traditional places to eat at low prices. Even though these restaurants are very cheap, you might be surprised at how tasty the dishes are. Sidra and Ravi are two of the most popular restaurants in the area and they both serve delicious food.

Creative commons: EVO Nightscape of the high-rise section of Dubai

Falafel and Shaworma are among the most traditional dishes in Dubai and you can find them in any oriental restaurant.  Lal Qila Dubai, Al Haj Bundu Khan, Student Biryani, Pars Iranian Kitchen and Chimes serve the most delicious shaworma and falafel in town, so make sure you eat in at least one of these terrific restaurants. Keep in mind that in the traditional restaurants alcohol is usually prohibited. However, the experience is worth it, as the atmosphere is one hundred per cent oriental and the food is mouth-watering.

Dubai has numerous unique places which are extremely impressive either because of their contemporary architecture or unusual style. One of these incredible places is the Al Dawaar Revolving Restaurant that not only offers a wide range of exquisite dishes, but also provides its customers with an amazing city tour as it revolves all day long.

Speaking of exquisite dishes: Kiku, Khazana, Al Mahara, Asha’s and Al Fanar Restaurant & Café are some of the most refined restaurants in Dubai. The dishes served in these superb restaurants are absolutely delicious, the services are impeccable and the experience is definitely worth it as long as you are ready for a splurge.

Dubai is a lavish city and if you choose to visit it, make sure that you are ready to spend more than you would spend in a usual trip because this city is all about luxury.





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