Exploring Botswana – Safaris & Cycling

Botswana, a former British Colony, is a relatively smaller nation in size, and is sparsely populated. Much of the country is dominated by the Great Kalahari Desert and the Savannah, which limits cultivable land, leading to a relatively small population. In contrast, it is abundant in wildlife and it’s the most favoured country in Africa among tourists from across the Globe. The country is also a stable democracy, and enjoys the second highest per capita income in Africa. The visitors, who flock to Botswana in their millions, can either enjoy nature in its rawest form, or from luxurious five-star accommodation.

What to do in Botswana

Most people visit Botswana to enjoy the natural beauty, the wilderness and the animals in their natural habitat. There are many game reserves and national parks that facilitate safaris, on land, water or air. The vast reserves justify the hiring of small planes that give you a bird’s eye view of the wildlife, allowing you to watch a predator catching its prey, without worrying about your own safety. You can travel individually, or in groups or with your family, as Botswana is a safe country and not torn by civil war.

Camping at the Okavango Delta (Creative Commons)

Camping at the Okavango Delta (Creative Commons)

The Great Kalahari Desert

The Great Kalahari Desert is the second largest desert in Africa and offers plenty of extreme adventure sports like sand surfing, quad biking and other off-road adventures. The salt flats in the North offer unique adventure experiences, especially for motor enthusiasts eager to drive through the salts. The Okavango Delta region features water-ways that are navigable, offering a close-up view of the rich flora and fauna, not to mention many migratory birds that come here during the rains. When planning your safaris in Botswana, keep in mind that accommodation options vary from the ultimate in luxury to the truly wild, which includes a range of rugged cabins.

Lions basking in the sun in the Savannah (Creative Commons)

Lions basking in the sun in the Savannah (Creative Commons)

For cycling enthusiasts

The Kalahari Desert, the Savannah and the Makgadikgadi Pan salt flats all offer excellent grounds for cycling. The grassland and the desert might be dangerous in their own way, so proceed with caution, accompanied by a local. The salt flats are dusty, and so you need to be well equipped if you’re going to attempt to cycle or ride any given distance on the salt flats. Do your research and there will be no surprises, and you will end up having a trouble-free and memorable holiday!





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