Five Bike-friendly Cities in USA

The use of cycles as a means of travel has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. This is because people realize that it is environmentally friendly, good exercise, and extremely kind to the purse. While it is not as widespread in the United States, city administrations have started making efforts to cater to this form of traffic. To make this form of travel attractive, city councils need to set up separate biking lanes, adequate parking, and security. Amsterdam in Europe is considered the Bicycle Capital of Europe. Forty per cent of its population uses bikes for commuting: a target that American cities need to achieve. It’s possible to find a reasonably priced airfaire to most US cities.

Boulder, Colorado

When you consider American cities, among the most cycle friendly is Boulder, Colorado. The city encourages bike riding by having public education programs on bike safety, maintenance, road rules and self-protection. The use of safety vests and the need to equip bikes with lights is stressed. The city publishes maps meant for bikers and pedestrians. This highlights street bike lanes, shoulders and off street paths that can be used for a number of purposes. Bike dismount areas and locations of bike racks are also indicated.

Portland, Oregon

The city of Portland has made biking more popular; by creating a network of bike lanes that connect different parts of the city. This allows bikers to travel to almost any part of the city, thus allowing it to be classified as a bike friendly city. Some of the streets are specifically meant for bikers, and avid bikers can also take advantage of some of the off road trails around the city.

Davis, California

This is a city that ranks high in the list of the world’s best cities for biking. It has more than hundred miles of bike lanes and has officially made bike transportation a part of its infrastructure. It wants to eliminate school buses and encourage students to ride bikes. It is in the process of building an underground tunnel along the length of the main road in the city. This tunnel will be restricted to use only by bikes. Can you think of a more bike friendly gesture than that?

San Francisco, California

More than 40,000 of the inhabitants of this city make it a point to commute using bikes. It now has over 60 miles of bike lanes that allow residents to get to many points across the city. Bike racks, or corrals as locals prefer to call them, are spread across the city. Golden Gate Park has about 2 miles of protected bikeways, which is hugely popular for people who are leaning how to ride bicycles. The city trains do allow you to take bikes on them, and this has added to their usefulness while commuting.

San Jose, California

This city is doing its best to get included among the 5 Bike-friendly cities in USA. The city council wants to change planning to make the city friendlier for people and bikes, than for cars. The fact that the city enjoys 300 sunny days in a year is one more reason, why bikers find it a pleasure to drive on its bike lanes. A lot of importance is being given to develop bike infrastructure.

The use of bikes for transportation can play a large part in reducing obesity. This is one of the main reasons why city health officials all over the United States are pushing for the use of bikes. This can also have a far reaching impact on reducing pollution. Do apply for ESTA to get US visa online.


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  1. Lisa
    November 18, 2015 at 6:27 pm #

    All good choices, particularly Boulder, CO and Portland, OR. It’s great when cities like these promote safe cycling and encourage more people to ride their bikes. I do hope more people will get into it more, both as necessity and as a recreation!


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