How the United States is Embracing Cycling


In recent years, the United States has seen an increased interest in all things cycling. Whether through sport or recreation, cycling is growing in all cities across the United States, and there is no sense of it slowing down.

Cycling as a sport has increased in the United States. Many athletes are finding it to be a useful and challenging way to to get exercise. The cycling boom can probably be contributed to the spin classes found in many gyms. As the participants grew to appreciate spinning, many of them took to the real thing as well. As time has gone one, many of these athletes are finding that they can pair cycling and running together to get an even better workout, and races like triathlons are growing in popularity. These athletes are lacing up their Nike’s and challenging themselves to races, and the growth is evident.

Another reason, a non-competitive reason, that cycling continues to grow in popularity is that many people are using it as a way to commute to work. Cities across the country are adding cycling lanes to encourage more bikers to take to the roads. Thanks to these designated bike lanes, cyclists can travel on city streets without having to worry about the other motorists cutting them off. Cycling as a means of transportation is a great way to reduce the carbon footprint of a city.

While cycling in the United States is not as popular as it is in Europe, it continues to grow from its modest beginnings. As more and more people continue to enjoy cycling as a sport, or use it as a mode of transportation, resources will continue to be devoted to it. If you are thinking about taking up cycling for the first time, head into your local bike shop and start the adventure today.

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