Keeping in Touch with Postcards While Cycling across America

Historic Route 66, Neon Sign, Seligman, AZ

If you are keen on cycling and fancy a challenge, then America is a great place to take your bike along to and bike it out. It’s the land of justice, freedom, fast food, burgers and hot dogs and of course miles upon miles of road that make the country the perfect place to cycle across. It is the ultimate challenge when it comes to cycling and those that are brave enough to cycle the full distance of America really have to be fit and in tip, top condition. Keeping in touch with friends and family while on the road can be a challenge but it can be done with postcards.

Even if you are a highly skilled cyclist the chances are that the trip will take you five to six weeks! Of course, you need to prepare well in advance, and it will require a great deal of time off work and financial planning. But, it is the trip of a lifetime. One that just cannot be pushed underneath the carpet. There are many people that have completed the trip and there are tours that offer you the chance to join in too. It is probably belter to get advice with regard to the route that you will take because some of the roads in the US can change drastically with weather conditions and of course maintenance.

There are so many routes to take advantage of one popular path would be the infamous route 66 that has many cyclists enthralled. If you do not manage to take the trip the full distance across the country simply by managing to cycle across route 66, you will feel like you achieved a lot. Travelling anywhere with a bike requires a great deal of planning. You need to think about where you will stop at night, the accommodation and of course places that you will be able to stop off at and eat. Being able to buy postcards along route 66 is highly unlikely so why not print your own before you leave and then when you stop you can write your updates and send them home? Sometimes we forget how important it is for those back home to receive word from us while we are away on our adventures. Sending postcards to friends and family gives the clear message that whilst we might be on the trip of a lifetime we are still thinking of our loved ones back home.

The open road

Also, because the roads in America are varied and the climate can change significantly depending on the state you are in you will need to make sure to dress appropriately. Wear clothing that is easily adjustable you can take layer clothing along with you so if you face a spout of hot weather you will be able to strip off a layer. It is always better to be safer than to be sorry. Sun screen is also an essential item to take along with you. Many cyclists simply get too enthralled in their trip, and they forget the importance of layering on sun screen to keep them protected from UV rays.

You should make sure to pack bike repair kits with you because the likely hood of getting a puncture is very high. You should of course also make sure that you know how to repair this before you go. Many people don’t know how to repair a puncture and end up in a very big mess when their bike tyre pops in the middle of nowhere! It does of course leave you very vulnerable too especially when you do not know where you are. All in all, though with careful planning beforehand you will have a fantastic time cycling across America, and it will be a memory to carry with you for life.


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