Quick and Simple Planning for your next Cycling Trip


When you finally decide to take the leap and cycle cross country, you’ll need to plan ahead everything from where you’ll eat and rest to where you can buy bike parts for repair. Not only will this trip be physically and emotionally taxing, but it will also be expensive. The expenses will add up the longer your trip continues, and so planning ahead is very important, finding all the great deals that you can.

A great way to find deals is by using Groupon. Groupon has thousands of deals that are constantly updated to suit all of your travel needs. In fact, Groupon just released a new feature called Pages, an index of businesses from around the country; including restaurants, gyms, health professionals, repair stores, and more. Each business’s page includes information like their address, whether or not they take credit cards, reviews, links to Groupon deals and more.

Planning a trip is difficult, you spend a lot of your time trying to figure out the logistics of where you’ll be staying, eating, spending time, etcetera. But planning a cross country cycling trip is even more difficult because you won’t have the time to thoroughly research everything. You’ll need to find the business which suits your needs and you’ll need to do so quickly. Groupon Pages is the best place to do this! For instance you’re passing through Colorado Springs, and need to grab a meal that will refuel you for tomorrow’s ride? Check out the Pita Pit, it’s a healthy alternative to fast food that will have you ready to go in no time. Need to see a chiropractor in Kansas City because your back is hurting from so many hours spent hunched over your bike handlebars? Look up Stozier Chiropractic. Or you need bike repair in Lexington, Kentucky – check out CycleYOU.  

All of these businesses and more can be found through Groupon Pages. It’s a quick and simple way to pinpoint the best businesses to suit your needs while on your trip, so you’ll spend more time accomplishing your cross country goal and less worrying about planning out the trip! So make sure to check out Groupon Pages.

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