Sun and fun in Hisaronu

Gulf of Hisaronu by Flickr user Expectmohr (creative commons)

If you’ve ever seen a postcard of a Turkish resort, it will probably be Olu Deniz’s Blue Lagoon. Located next door is a quieter, yet no less exciting, resort called Hisaronu.

Turkey is one of my favourites, I can’t deny it, and I’ve travelled to many of the south-coast resorts, yet Hisaronu has a certain charm. Unfortunately, as is the case with most of the Turkish resorts, transfers from airports can be lengthy. However, the passing scenery does make up it, so all is not lost. Hisaronu is around a 2.5 hour transfer from Dalaman airport.

Flights are plentiful during summer months, with low-cost airlines heading in this direction. I recently added pre-booked airport parking to my travel plans, as my flight was early, and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again, as the lack of bleary-eyed yawning made travelling an enjoyable part of my break. Most UK airports offer a range of parking options, including major London airports. I have previously used parking at Gatwick Airport, and found the facilities fantastic, safe and secure. Luton Airport parking offers equally fantastic facilities and great rates – you can save a fortune if you take the time to book in advance.

Getting around Hisaronu itself is easy, thanks to the handy dolmus, or mini-bus. You’ll need to jump on the dolmus to get to the beach, and you can even visit nearby resorts. Of course, beautiful and lively Olu Deniz is a stone’s throw away, and I think it would be a crime not to visit the Blue Lagoon. Be aware this is a local conservation area, so there’s a small fee to visit.

View over Hisaronu by Flickr user Chris_Parfitt (creative commons)

Whatever beach you visit, you’ll be guaranteed a lazy day topping up your tan. I always try some water-sports to alleviate a little of the boredom, and parasailing is one I would highly recommend. If you have a head for heights, give it a try, it’s great fun. Alternatively, if you like to keep your feet on something firmer, boat trips are always a fantastic day out. If you book more than one excursion from street vendors, you’ll find you can haggle a discount. I’d recommend a jeep safari trip, so maybe haggle that combination and see what price you get. The countryside around Hisaronu is a definite must visit, especially Saklikent Gorge. Another popular trip? Dalyan mud baths. I loved my day out at the mud baths, and it was certainly a laugh! Usually you’ll visit picturesque Turtle Beach too, so it’s a full day out.

As you can see, there’s plenty to do!

Shopping in Turkish holiday resorts can be a little on the tacky side, however the colourful, lively markets are great fun, and you can haggle your prices down to almost nothing if you’re lucky.

When night falls, you won’t be short of things to do! Nightlife is lively and varied, with many bars, clubs and restaurants. If I suggest one thing, it’s to try a traditional Turkish restaurant, which tend to be set back from the main streets. You’ll come away stuffed to the hilt and your wallet won’t have taken a hit either. Turkish food is delicious, however, if that’s not for you, there are many international menus to suit everyone.

Turkey is always an experience, and Hisaronu is perfectly placed for exploring, as well as enjoying everything this pretty resort has to offer. Remember to look into Airport parking to make your break even more relaxing and memorable. I can’t rave highly enough about airport extras, with choices to suit everyone.
In my experience, Turkey will never let you down, so put it on your visit-list this summer.

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