The Five Most Thrilling Cycling Paths in Derbyshire

If you enjoy heading into the great outdoors, hopping on your bicycle, and testing your physical limits on some of the most exciting cycling trails that the UK has to offer, you definitely have to experience what’s in store for the best cyclists in Derbyshire. Check out the list of thrilling cycling paths in Derbyshire below, and then put your cycling clothing on and head off for an adventure you’ll never forget.


Bakewell, Calton Lees and Edensor Circuit

The Bakewell, Calton Lees and Edensor Circuit is 16km in length, and it features uphill climbs that will get your muscles working, as well as areas where you can really get your speed up and enjoy some incredible views.

This cycling path starts at Hassop Station. Follow the Monsal trail, which will give you a nice and easy warm-up in preparation for the route that you’ll be on once you get started, especially since there are some pretty demanding hills. Throughout this cycling path, you’ll also find yourself on various types of terrain that range from farmland and woodland, to off-road downhill conditions.

Alfreton to Matlock Loop Cycle Route

Featuring 38.69km of cycling excitement, you’ll want to check out the Alfreton to Matlock Loop Cycle Route at least once.

This path begins and ends at Rodgers Lane Car Park. Be prepared for a mainly uphill climb after you leave Alfreton. It takes you out to Wessington and then you travel further uphill until you reach Tansley Tops for some great views. From there, you can relax a bit and enjoy the exhilaration of going downhill.

Middleton Top and Minninglow Circuit

The Middleton Top and Minninglow Circuit is a 27km path that offers really astounding off-road areas, including an exciting descent to Grange Mill and a trail that will take you to old Neolithic burial chambers.

You can begin and end your cycling trip at Middleton Top, but expect to work your muscles on the climb up before letting your body go with the descent that awaits you on the way back.

Sett Valley Trail

The Sett Valley Trail is an easy cycling path that’s a mere 4km, making it an ideal choice for a day when you just want to get a quick ride and workout in. It features a linear route that’s also great for horseback riding and walking as you travel along an old railway branch line between Hayfield and New Mills.

Pennine Cycleway

The Pennine Cycleway is a whopping 104km in length, making it England’s longest cycle route offering a challenge that cyclists will thoroughly enjoy taking. This path runs from Derby all the way to Berwick on Tweed.

This beloved path also passes through the Peak District as well, and you’ll experience a great combination of minor roads, the Midshires Way, and off-road conditions at areas like the Longdendale and Tissington trails.

With so many amazing cycling trails to enjoy throughout Derbyshire, it’s no wonder that so many seasoned cyclists go there to look for a challenge, experience varying terrain, and take in the fresh air and incredible views whenever the weather permits.

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