Top Cycling Holiday Destinations in Europe

Le Grand Place, Brussels. Photo courtesy of Flickr user Tom Cuppens

Le Grand Place, Brussels. Photo courtesy of Flickr user Tom Cuppens

Most people prefer to spend their holiday trips lying on the beach and just relaxing there. Others prefer doing some sort of activity. Either way, if you’re more interested in an active holiday and want one that wouldn’t stress you at all, then you should seriously give some thought to cycling holidays. Europe is blessed with so many cycling trails, paths and routes that encourage thousands of tourists to ride their bicycles every year, not to mention the cycling tournaments and competition like the Tour de France and other smaller ones organized in Amsterdam and Brussels. Anyways, here are the top cycling destinations in Europe. Have fun and enjoy the cycling trips. They’re completely worth it.


Not many people know that Brussels boasts of an active cycling community. There are enthusiasts, pros, amateurs and advance cyclists. Going on a cycling holiday here is bound to open your eyes to an entirely different culture. With as many bicycles as cars on the roads -actually the ratio of cars to bikes is marginally lower now- cycling through the city and then through marked or depicted trails is a common sight. So it is not often surprising that you’ll meet fellow holiday cyclists just looking to have fun in Belgium. Ask your travel agents for any possible competitions and cycling tournaments. And if there isn’t any, you can just find out about the holidays and all it will entail. It’s pretty much standard routine.


With a bicycle, you can ride through Corsica, Nice, the Pyrenees and the French Alps. It all depends on how extreme or relaxed you want your holidays to be. If you prefer the tour de France routes, be sure to ask around for the easier route. This is because you don’t want to ride halfway and get too tired. There are easier routes that you can take and cruise at your own speed. Chances are that you’ll also meet fellow cyclists in groups or individually trying to ride the trails too. One thing all cyclists who have toured France agree on is that the views are quite spectacular and breathtaking. So, go see for yourself if you have any doubts.


Bikes in Amsterdam by Claudio.Ar (creative commons)

Bikes in Amsterdam by Claudio.Ar (creative commons)

Amsterdam is a city of cyclists. In fact, the entire country has just as many bikes as the people and fewer cars. The citizens are actively pursuing the zero carbon emission and green lifestyle. With your bicycle, you can tour the city, take in the beautiful sights and mesmerizing sounds and just relax here. And when you’re done, be sure to check into one of the Amsterdam’s accommodation  facilities for tourists. They have everything from luxury hotels to selfcatering cottages and surprisingly affordable hostels too.

Oh, and one more thing, you can either elect to go on a solo cycling trip or go with a group of cyclists. If this is your first time, it is advisable that you go with a group, and then do the solo thing later on.


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