Traveling troubles to prepare for

Passport shot

Nobody wants to think about things going wrong when preparing for a trip, but thinking through the possibilities ahead of time can make it much easier to cope if the worst does happen.  Most crises can be resolved and a bit of preparation makes all the difference.  Travelers can then set out with confidence and focus on discovery and fun.

Stolen belongings

Hidden money pouches help keep the essential safer and it’s common sense not to leave money or passports in a hotel room, but if the worst comes to the worst and things do go missing, what happens then?  In the case of a missing passport, contact the embassy straight away for advice.  Emergency travel documents can usually be issued.  If money and cards are gone, a service like Trans-Fast can be used so that friends or family members back home can quickly send cash to help.  It’s important to tell the bank about stolen cards as quickly as possible.

Falling ill

Most countries offer emergency treatment without asking for any money up front.  Travelers who are properly insured will be able to get most of their medical expenses covered that way.  It’s important to note, however, that which medicines are available depends on the country, and so does the quality and reliability of that medicine. It’s usually best to get a prescription filled at a hospital or large city pharmacy, where possible, rather than relying on local pharmacies.

Being assaulted

In the event of assault it’s important to contact the police straight away. This will not only help to resolve the situation, it will mean that there’s an official statement (a copy of which should be requested straight away) to be used for insurance purposes.  Many countries have victim support groups that can provide further help if needed, and the police will have details of these.  Translators can be requested if necessary.

Bike damage

As regular travelers will know, there are many parts of the world where it’s difficult to get specialist pieces of bike kit, which is why it’s a good idea to carry spares when necessary.  If no bike repair shop is available, most small towns have mechanics that can figure out how to fix problems like bent frames.  If all else fails, a village blacksmith will often have the tools and the skills to help.

Missing a flight

Missing a flight can feel like the ultimate disaster, and it can happen to anyone, regardless of how carefully they plan. The best thing to do when it occurs is to go straight to the flight desk and ask if the airline can find a space on the next flight.  Sometimes there is a charge for this but, if it can be done, it’s always cheaper than paying for a whole new flight in the standard way. The airline may also be able to hold onto luggage at the destination point, even if there’s no alternative flight until the following day.


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